About Us

We know how much thought our customers put into selecting their offices, which is why every product from P@W is developed and executed with this same obsession to detail and performance. We are a team of office design enthusiasts craving for the latest office design concepts for the Indian market.

Our passion drives our team to work cohesively as a unit to deliver the best value to our customers. We pride ourselves in calming as the “Best Innovative company to work for” and are rapidly pacing towards the title. We offer complete office furniture solutions ranging from office workstations, Executive tables, Meeting tables, office Chairs, lounge furniture, Height adjustable tables, Training tables, Storages & accessories.

The office is the collective soul of a company.

It has to accommodate the information and communication technologies of modern work life as well as the needs to communicate and concentrate, in doing so it has to avoid being either a huge open office space like in the 1960’s where many companies still have their roots today or a typical “office of the future”.

A modern office has to be tailored to the needs of the employees in order to maintain or boost competitiveness in a global economy, its design and furnishings should promote a sense of shared identity and team work yet enable individuals to be alone when necessary.

The office structure and the company must reflect a single identity, the office is becoming a living spaceand will remain that for a long time to comeand that is what P@W offers, its office furniture products are not only innovative designs, enduring quality but also flexible and thus readily adaptable to any changes that might occur in designing these unique office landscapes.

We at pleasureatwork.com design and manufacture complete office furniture products, including, office chairs, desks, storage, and space divisions. As workplace experts, we help people to have a better work experience, by providing products, services and insights into the ways they work. Based on our practice in office furniture projects for more than 15 years, and our cooperation with the Clients, Project Managers, Architects, Interior designers, facility managers and operators, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, set out detailed supporting information to be applied in practice of office projects.

Pleasureatwork.com is a brainchild of professionals from the industry with the aim to provide office furniture products for the global market. We endeavor to provide our clients with workplaces that encourage the free flow of ideas, enhance employee efficiency and combine ergonomics perfectly with aesthetics.

Our Context

Whether at home, in the office or at a board meeting, office furniture plays a key role in increasing productivity, focus and quality of work. Of course, the visual appearance is nice, but it doesn't play a vital role in making a positive workspace. The furniture placed in any office must be functional, supply copious organization compartments and most of all be comfortable. When the furniture provides all of these features, workers will be able to perform their tasks more efficiently and they will be able to produce better quality work.

When choosing office furniture, one must take into account that workers will be sitting for the majority of the day typing, drawing or writing, so providing a comfortable chair and a spacious work desk is top priority on the shopping list.

Comfortable seating is not just an added luxury in a workspace its a key element to maximizing productivity because workers are sitting for eight or more hours a day, which can make backs ache, necks and legs feel stiff and make workers feel impatient or easily irritated. With a comfortable chair, they will be able to be relaxed and patient and ultimatelyproduce better productivity & efficiency at the workplace.

Desks are the second most important piece of furniture in a workspace. They must provide enough space for a computer system, a phone, filing cabinet, writing utensils and books, as well as, provide enough space for workers to be able to write down important information or work on a project. If workers don’t have the proper space their desks will be cluttered, important documents will be lost, productivity will go down and overall workers will not be efficient and will not produce superb work.

Storages is the third most important furniture in an office or workspace because it helps keep workers organized. Storage equipment ranges from filing cabinets and bookcases to various types of shelving and desk drawers. All storage types help workers stay organized and prepared throughout all tasks they will perform in the workday.

After the most important furniture is properly chosen to maximize productivity, organization and comfort of workers, it’s time to move on to colours. Colors help provide a positive workspace to workers and help to keep their moods positive throughout the entire day. This will also help motivate workers to continue with tasks longer before taking a break. Colors also give an aesthetic appeal to guests or business partners, so people will feel more comfortable and positive while visiting an office.

Our Vision

  • To be a global company helping designers & clients improve the working environments around the globe.
  • To be the most admired brand in the field of office furniture designs, quality & service
  • Our Purpose

    We are building a global organization dedicated to improving the quality of life at the workplaces worldwide. We create products and services at a profit which are in harmony with the law of compensation. These products and services are created and marketed with like-minded people who share our purpose.